End User Licensing Agreement
Vision Outreach International provides this IOL calculator, hoping to assist physicians in selecting the appropriate IOL for a particular patient. It is intended to be used as an adjunct tool in conjunction with a comprehensive ophthalmic examination and the appropriate diagnosis tests and measurements necessary for cataract surgery candidates with astigmatism.

This is a beta version of the calculator. The results obtained by this calculator are not intended to serve as medical or surgical instruction from Vision Outreach International, or to be definitive. We cannot guarantee that the results will be accurate in every case. By using this IOL Calculator, you agree to waive and hold Vision Outreach International and the authors of this calculator harmless from any claims you may have arising out of your use of this tool. Physicians who use this calculator must arrive at their own independent determinations regarding the proper treatment for their patients and are solely responsible for the refractive outcome.

Data entered in this program will not be retrieved or retained for any time period.